Capture Collective

We Serve Through

What We Do

Capture Collective exists to connect talented and resourceful Christians
with Christ-centered organizations who need resources and support, so that
the Body of Christ will together impart the love of Jesus.

We Serve Because of

What We Believe

When we are diligent to use our gifts to serve others out of love as the Body of Christ, He uses our good work as a foundation for creating changed lives.

Capture Collective adopts the passion of Christ-centered organizations, utilizing an expert and discerning understanding of culture and technology to enable them to continue their Good Work.

We do this in order to enable these organizations to effectively continue their Good Work despite the constantly changing currents of culture and technology.

This partnership acknowledges a shared responsibility as the Body of Christ to love others using our gifts in diligent service. By serving each other, we enable each other to be effective servants of all.

Good Work changes the present
in the context of eternity
for the glory of God.

Work can only be called good when God uses our diligent efforts to serve others, show his love, and prepare the hearts of His people for the Holy Spirit to redeem souls and change lives.

That is why Capture Collective is all about Good Work. Our good work, your good work, and the good work of Christ-centered organizations.

He gives us the fields so that we may give him the harvest. And the only way to harvest the fields is by joining the Holy Spirit in His Good Work and rejoicing in the resulting Changed Lives!


Because we are God’s children and members of Christ’s own body,
our vision is to see Christians actively working together and being
faithful in using their talents to bring hope and restoration to the broken.

We Serve By Using

What We Know

Good work changes the present in the context of eternity for the glory of God.

We Serve Others Through

The Work We Have Done

We Serve Together When You

Support Us With a Contribution

The joy of giving is a fair trade for the sacrifices of little day to day things. Sacrificing something you hold close will go a long way for Capture and our ability to serve mission organizations.

We are a nonprofit corporation that has filed form1023 with the IRS. Current 501(c)(3) status is pending.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us!

We serve others through

Sharing Good Insights

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