Capture Collective



Project Overview //

Over the past 20 years, Agape has compassionately responded to the street children and children at risk in surrounding villages and small towns in Kisumu, Kenya. Agape’s mission is to rescue, redeem, rehabilitate, and reintegrate street children and children at risk in Kenyan villages.

How Capture was involved //

Capture donated the funds to purchase 40 hand made Utility Rolls from Bradley Mountain Goods, which were sold on the Salt and Steel collaboration portfolio webpage. 100% of the $30 from each Utility Roll sold is gifted to Agape Children’s Ministry.

Project Outcome //

Capture made a $1,200 donation to Agape through the Utility Roll.

$1,200 goes a long way in Kenya. It can provide 4,800 meals for rescued street children. It can give 120 rescued children all the clothing and hygiene items they need. It can pay the salary of a social worker working to heal broken children for over nine months. By purchasing a Bradley Mountain Good’s utility roll through Capture Collective’s collaborative project with Salt and Steel, you helped provide things like food, clothing, and counseling to scores of children rescued from the streets of Kenya. With your help, children are hearing the gospel as they heal from the traumas they have faced. They are learning how to live lives that bring honor to God as we prepare them to return to their family home. Once home, they are continually visited, the word of God is taught, families are being restored, and assistance is offered that will hopefully keep these children off the streets for good. Thank you for playing a role in the work the Lord is doing through Agape Children’s Ministry. To find out other ways you can get involved please visit

Project Goods //