Capture Collective


ALEPH // Fundraising Event

Project Overview //

Aleph is the first letter of the Hebrew Alphabet. It symbolises the beginning or the foundation. This Aleph foundation is used as a basis upon which everything else is built on. Aleph Surf International  helps lay a strong foundation in the lives of the youth we walk with. From this foundation our youth will have a solid place to make the right decisions from. We want them to choose LIFE.

How Capture Was Involved //

The Aleph Surf Stoke Tour was a night of surf culture, arts, and local music. We were thrilled to be able to partner with Red and Vanessa Van Zyl and their incredible ministry to South African children and families by praying for and fundraising with them. In preparation for the event, we reached out to several individuals to get a pulse on how they could contribute to the event.

-Silent Action: Five local artists donated art pieces to sell. All contributions were given to Aleph.
-Raffle: Three local clothing companies donated clothing items for a raffle.
-Musicians: Three local musicians gave of their time and talent over the course of the evening.
-Additionally, Capture was able to utilize a local church’s sound system and coffee urns to provide attendees with warm drinks and a projected video explaining Aleph International. We also were able to bake delicious and authentic South African treats to share with our guests.

Project Outcome //

$760 was raised.
1 student was sponsored.
Special thanks to Red and Vanessa for making the trek to Santa Barbara to share the mission of Aleph with this community.

Project Goods // 

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