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Project Overview //

Founded in 2006 by Meichelle Arntz, Angels Foster Care of Santa Barbara is based on the acclaimed program established by the original Angels Foster Family Network of San Diego.

Meichelle became involved with the Santa Barbara child welfare services and courts through her work as a volunteer in the Court Appointed Special Advocates Program. After seeing the disappointing state of County foster care, she became determined to find a better program for local children and families.

Her research led her to the Angels Foster Family Network in San Diego. With the help and support of Angels FFN Founder Cathy Richman, Meichelle established Angels Foster Care of Santa Barbara in 2006 to provide stable, loving, safe homes to the children of Santa Barbara County.

How Capture Was Involved //

Capture Collective contacted Reality, a local church, and asked them if they would be willing and excited to partner in a diaper bag drive for Angel’s Foster Care. Soon after, Reality and Capture were rallying the church body and community groups to pool their resources and create as many fully stocked diaper bags as possible to donate to Angel’s Foster Care.

Project Outcome //

After one month of collecting diaper bags, the Reality community and Capture were able to collect 35 overflowing diaper bags and other additional supplies. This amounts to more than $4,000 worth of donated goods and covers the cost of supplies for Angel’s Foster Care for over one year.

Wrap up Video on Vimeo:

Project Goods // 

photo 3 photo 2 Angels Foster

Stay tuned, video coming soon.