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CELEBRATE // Capture Initiative

Project Overview //

Celebrate exists to bless those who find themselves isolated or alone on these holidays or special occasions. We want to find people who are worth celebrating. We are encouraging Christians to go out into their cities and to lovingly insert themselves into the lives of the forgotten, the lonely, or the discouraged. There are lots of people to love and bless during the holiday season. We believe that it’s our job to find them and share the love of Jesus with them during these special times of the year.

How Capture Was Involved //

On December 15, 2013, volunteers gathered at Santa Barbara Convalescent Hospital to Celebrate Christmas for all residents living in this home. During our afternoon at the home, local volunteers aided residents in assembling gingerbread houses. They also contributed homemade Christmas treats, prepared and served cocoa to the guests, photographed the event and gifted the photos to the home, read the Christmas story aloud for the residents, and sang carols with and for all attendees to conclude the event.

We our looking forward to our next Celebrate event happening in mid-April. More info coming soon…

Project Outcome //

December 15th: 22 volunteers came to serve and 12 gingerbread homes were constructed.

Project Goods //