Capture Collective



Project Overview //

Lanna Coffee exists to raise awareness for the needs of those living in the Hill Tribes of Northern Thailand.  Lanna Coffee uses proceeds from coffee sales and donations to sponsor a wide variety of holistic and sustainable community development projects. Our goal is to assist resource-poor hill tribes by increasing their social and economic opportunities through the funding and facilitation of culturally appropriate activities.  By purchasing coffee from our site, you are helping us achieve this mission.

How Capture Was Involved //

Through this partnership Capture Collective helped Lanna Coffee Roasters create a merchandise line they would help them better tell the story of Lanna. Through consulting and branding we created a new tagline as well as a branding packet that will be implemented by Lanna during 2014.

Project Outcome //

Once material is produced we will have an update on funds that are raised to help Lanna further their reach. In the mean time go buy a pound of coffee from them at Lanna Coffee and help them support the hill tribes of Thailand.

Project Goods //