Capture Collective


LIFEWATER // Agali Report

Project Overview //

The Agali Report began as a 15 page field document detailing the efforts of Lifewater International in the Northern Ugandan sub-county of Agali between 2012 and 2013.

While the figures themselves were impressive, they lacked meaning without the context of a narrative and required readers to fully engaged with the context in order to arrive at any conclusions about the effectiveness of Lifewater’s efforts.

How Capture Was Involved //

Capture was tasked with creating a single page print piece and a single page website that conveyed the heart and substance of the Agali Report without overwhelming readers with distracting nuance.

Because the web portion of the project was unencumbered by physical size limitations, and because Capture understands that both simplicity and authenticity are paramount in any communication piece, a clear overview of the report was created online that allowed those who wished to get into the nuanced data to do so by clicking the “Dig Deeper” buttons placed through out the page.

Project Outcome //

People may say they just want the facts, but what they really respond to is the story. Capture delivered the information contained in the report in a clear and simple way that not only conveyed data, but meaning.

Project Goods //