Capture Collective


LIFEWATER INT // Consulting

Project Overview //

Established in 1977, Lifewater International is a Christian humanitarian organization that specializes in preventing disease and improving health for the world’s vulnerable rural populations through water, supply, hygiene and sanitation (WASH) programs.

In 2013, a change in leadership prompted a decision to reinvest in Lifewater’s ability to move their supporters to act through the effective communication of the life-changing result of their efforts.

How Capture Was Involved //

Capture Collective was brought in to distill over 40 years of Lifewater’s passion and work into a new message that resonates with a larger, more diverse audience without distracting or confusing existing supporters.

Capture Collective led key Lifewater staff through a series of exercises that whittled away the distractions of an operationally focused organization to reveal the unique vision that shapes their daily efforts. This new clarity helped to create the momentum and content required for Capture to take down their existing, information-heavy website and replace it with a clear and simple splash page and video that conveys renewed focus and an unshakable legacy.

With a small budget and quick turn-around time, Capture was able to initiate and facilitate effective strategies and content that communicate Lifewater’s role as an industry-leader. By listening closely and adopting Lifewater’s passion for the people they serve, Capture was able to provide them with words and visuals that serve to inform and excite new and existing supporters.

Project Results //

Equipped with renewed clarity and confidence, Lifewater has been able to move forward with a complete brand redesign, overhaul their website, and reenergize their communication strategy.