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LIFEWATER // Oromiya Report

Project Overview //

Lifewater International selected the Oromiya region of Ethiopia specifically because it has suffered years of drought and cholera. Between 2009 and 2012 they installed and/or repaired 78 wells, capped 40 springs, and trained 44 repair teams. This data was among the information included in a 20 page publication titled, “Quenched” that shared stories of progress, success, challenges and life change. While informative, effective, and moving, this publication was too long for general consumption and was ill-suited for web publishing. Capture Collective was asked to digest, distill, and re-communicate the story of the Lifewater’s impact in the Oromiya region in a way that would encourage readers to read and retain the information.

How Capture Was Involved //

Capture Collective was asked to produce a simple, compelling, and memorable web-based report that would give readers the facts as well as an understanding of the unique challenges and successes Lifewater encountered in Oromiya. Through the writing of new copy, editing and condensing existing materials, and creating an overarching narrative to tie the piece together, Capture was able to effectively share the same figures and tell the same story as a 20 page report in a single webpage.

Project Outcome //

Lifewater International’s constituents deserve to be informed and inspired without unduly diminishing the financial resources required to execute the effective Lifewater services they support. This is why Capture believes so firmly in providing simple, attractive, and effective communication pieces such as this. The Oromiya Report will be used for years to come as Lifewater encourages and inspires their constituents to give regularly for the good of others.

Project Goods //