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Project Overview //

Atascadero Bible Church is a church in Atascadero, North Country SLO, and they are in the process of raising money to build new shower and restroom facility for ECHO homeless shelter.

They strongly believe that providing a hot shower to those in need will help preserve human dignity, health and cleanliness, and better prepare individuals for job interviews and housing opportunities. Those who serve and support ECHO seek to love as Christ loved.

How Capture Was Involved//

Capture Creative came alongside ABC, and a number of other churches in North County SLO. Through shooting and editing a three part video series Capture helped encapsulate the problem faced in the homeless community. This series helped articulate the specific impact that E.C.H.O. has made and continues to make on the homeless community as well as clearly dictated how people can join the E.C.H.O. movement.

Project Outcome //

  • At the onset, ABC was determined to raise $125,000 for the ECHO project through Capture’s production of a three part video series. When all was said and done, just over $190,000 was raised.
    • Extra funds allowed them to build a larger shower facility and enabled them to develop new programs for this up coming year.
    • With these funds, they also plan to build an on sight laundry facility that will allow them to start and host a Laundry Love for the North Country area.
  • Capture created a branding strategy and implemented a plan enabling the entire church body to play a roll in the project.
  • Capture created a logo for E.C.H.O.
  • Capture created a product line including bags, cups, mugs, stickers, and apparel that were sold to aid in raising additional support and awareness for project.
  • We also encouraged the ‘180 degree’ marketing strategy which resulted in 180 days of volunteer positions to be filled by ABC members.
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Project Goods //


Three Part Video Series //

Capture was privileged to have the help of Andrew Rurik for the production of these videos. He generously gave of his time and video talent to help make them possible.

Follow Up Progress //

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