Capture Collective


LIFEWATER // Annual Report 2012

Project Overview //

The purpose of an annual report is to assure board members, supporters, and constituents that an organization is stewarding their resources wisely while producing meaningful results. Lifewater’s 2012 Annual Report was no different. Initially designed for print, Lifewater wanted the report held to the same standards as their other projects. So, to save time, money, and resources they chose to create a web-based version of the report for digital distribution.

How Capture was involved //

Capture Collective was trusted with the broad objective of producing a digital version of the report in a short time and with a small budget. Adept at identifying and implementing effective and appropriate technologies, Capture selected a simple yet attractive WordPress theme that emphasized the beautiful photography and moving statistics of the original printed report.

Project Outcome //

Lifewater’s 2012 Digital Annual Report is now available to anyone, anywhere, on any device. It retains the aesthetic and powerful messaging of the print report while saving time, money, and natural resources.

Capture Collective’s partnership provided Lifewater with the flexibility and confidence needed to stay on top of the shifting pressures and opportunities of culture and technology.

Project Goods //